October 24, 2021
Vegas Golden Knights Under Fire for Partnership with Betting Advice Site UPickTrade.com

Vegas Golden Knights Under Fire for Partnership with Betting Advice Site UPickTrade.com

According to a recent press release from the Vegas Golden Knights, it sounded like they were super excited about a new multi-year partnership deal with Mexican company UPickTrade.com. Not everyone in Las Vegas – or around the NHL are quite as happy.

Vegas Golden Knights Partner with UPickTrade.com via Local Business Scoop

According to an article on the Las Vegas Review-Journal news site, all of the reactions on Twitter were negative and questioning the integrity of the Golden Knights and the NHL.

According to ESPN:

UpickTrade.com becomes the Official Sports Pick Service Partner of the Knights and will be featured on the team’s web and social media platforms as well as on the boards around the rink at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The deal, according the press release announcing it, is the first sponsorship agreement between a Mexican-based company and an NHL club, as well as the first partnership between a professional sports franchise and a sports betting recommendation service.

“We are hopeful our fanbase will make UpickTrade.com a part of their sports pick betting process,” Mike Mungiello, vice president of global partnerships for the Knights, said in the release.

Carlos Lazo Reyes, CEO of UpickTrade, called the deal a “historic moment in the sports betting market” and claimed his company has more than 6,000 customers worldwide.

At the time of this posting, the official press release seems to have disappeared from the Vegas Golden Knights official website.

It is unclear of the current status of the release or this partnership. Not sure if Vegas Golden Knight fans should be celebrating or cringing.

Still the same, it’s time for today’s match with the Anaheim Ducks – It’s Knight Time!

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