January 20, 2022
Way to Go Gavin! Gov Newsom’s Blunders Costing Californians Dearly

Way to Go Gavin! Gov Newsom’s Blunders Costing Californians Dearly

California Governor Gavin Newsom has certain made some extremely questionable decisions in his less than 2 years on the job. There are many, many Californians who are working hard to make sure Gavin Newsom won’t be in office 2 years after he started back in January 2019. (make sure to sign the recall petition asap).

Back in April of this year, in all his wisdom of looking out for Californians and American Citizens, Governor Gruesom (the name that Gavin Newsom has earned for himself) announced that California has so much money that he was going to unilaterally give illegal immigrants $500 checks out of a $125 million fund that he set aside for that purpose. This was in April 2020 – just a month after Governor Newsom claimed that 50% of Californians would contract the Chinese Coronavirus in just two months.

Treasonous Anti-American Bastards: Newsom, Obama, Harris

Newsom also begged the Federal government for a Navy Hospital ship, which President Donald Trump sent him immediately. Trump sent the USS Comfort to NYC and USS Mercy to Los Angeles. Neither were used and both Governors Cuomo of New York and Newsom of California continued to prop up their Chinese Coronavirus numbers by sending Covid-19 patients into nursing homes where they could infect and ultimately kill more vulnerable populations.

Del Mar City Council Buys into and Promotes Leftist Fear Mongering

It appears that Newsom’s fearmongering is not working. Neither are his policies.

USS Mercy Navy Hospital Ship arrives in Los Angeles.

Also back in April it was announced that Governor Gavin Newsom had made an under the table $1 BILLION deal for masks from China. As it turns out, Newsom still has not revealed the details of this secretive deal – and the masks that did arrive, came late and according to reports, many were defective. This is a deal that really, really, REALLY needs to be investigated, as it could be used for a huge payoff to Governor Newsom – while Californians are getting screwed out of receiving additional Federal Unemployment benefits, because California cannot ‘afford’ to pitch in $100 per week …

Federal unemployment stimulus payments of $600 per week ended in July. Three weeks later there are 33 states who have applied and are receiving the $300 per week from the Federal Government under President Donald Trump’s executive order. Each state is required to apply separately and to contribute 25% or $100 a week towards each claim.

At the time of the Executive Order by our President, Governor Gruesom had said that California would not be able to afford to participate – probably because of Newsom’s policy of handing out money to illegal immigrants and buying unneeded and faulty face masks from China.

According to a KESQ News Channel 3 report from a couple of days ago, California has finally applied and secured federal funds to pay for extended pandemic unemployment benefits. But there is still no word when Californians might actually start seeing this money. The KESQ article says that the EDD (Employment Development Department) will provide more information on this approved program as it becomes available.

PLEASE make sure to sign the petitions to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom – we need real leadership in California. Not career politician cronyism.

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