• Thu. Jan 21st, 2021

Del Mar Beaches to Re-Open Thursday Morning!

Ava Kalea and Stacia Kennedy walking on the beach in Del Mar - Local Business Scoop
Ava Kalea on the beach in Del Mar the day before Del Mar beaches were closed.
Ava Kalea on the beach the day before Del Mar beaches were closed.

A nice piece of good news this morning! According to a post on the KUSI news site, the City of Del Mar has decided to open up the beach again!

Just in time for Stacia Kennedy’s birthday celebration, Del Mar will open up the beach for recreational activities on Thursday morning April 30th. Solana Beach city officials announced Sunday that they are working to reopen city beaches the week of May 4.

The not so good news is that the County of San Diego is still wanting to mandate that everyone who is outside must wear a face mask …. Kind of defeats the purpose of going to the beach. It’s more than a little difficult to relax and breathe fresh air at the beach with a mask over your face and mouth …

I’m wondering how many people will actually wear facemasks to the beach … Will YOU wear a face mask to the beach in Del Mar?

PLEASE stay safe and do not congregate in groups, or I have no doubt that they will quickly close the beaches again. If we are smart, we can prevent that from happening!

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