October 15, 2021

Business Blog Summit – Seattle WA – Live! continued

After a break and fine lunch, Janet Johnson, Vice President of Communications of Marqui is telling the group about their experience as the first company to be widely known to have paid bloggers to write about them. They started an ethical debate about the use of blogs. The results are very interesting …

I was lucky enough to have a conversation with Janet during lunch and I pointed out that it has been said that any press is good press.

She points out that on Marqui’s blog they do not write about their (marketing) products, but they write about how to become good marketers. This gives their blog a better value to both their customers and their potential customers.

Another couple of interesting points that she makes is to make sure to engage your detractors and drive to closure.

Janet’s six rules of engagement:
1) Develop thick skin
2) Be absolutely honest
3) Have a point of view
4) Do Your research
5) Engage your detractors
6) Drive to closure

Doug Gastich from Marqui is now showing off some of the features of their web-based marketing integration suite which recently launched. You can find out more at www.marqui.com

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